Kelly Phan

I'm a front-end developer working in Brooklyn.

Selected works.

Tapin Meditation

React.js & PWA


hkind app

Next.js & PWA


Gabe & Kelly

Gatsby.js & GSAP


Memories station

Vue.js & P5.js



Some details.

In a nutshell

Hi you! I’m Kelly, a 4th-year student at HETIC and French front-end developer from Paris. Until December 2019, I'm doing my internship at Fictive Kin, a digital studio based in Brooklyn. So far, my experience in New York City is incredible. I could not be more happy to work with great people in this amazing city. I’ve been able to improve myself professionally but also personally.

Last year I decided to do my internship in Amsterdam where I worked for Superhero Cheesecake as a Creative Developer intern for 4 months. Working with talented people helped me to improve a lot of my skills, and it made this internship unique.

Next January, I’ll start my 5th and last year at HETIC and I’m looking for an apprenticeship from January to December 2019 in Paris. I'll be happy to chat with you for any opportunities, so feel free to reach me if you are interested :-).

How to reach me?

  • Twitter is my favorite social media.
  • I use Github for their green squares.
  • I'd be happy to connect on Linkedin.
  • My email is : (click to copy)
  • Download my resume here.
  • Some nice code available on Codepen & Glitch.
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