Kelly Phan

I'm a frontend developer based in Paris.

Selected works.

Gabe & Kelly

Gatsby.js & GSAP


Memories station

Vue.js & P5.js



Some details.

In a nutshell

Currently a 4th year student at HETIC, I am a young aspiring frontend developer. As a digital enthusiast, I always want to improve myself and espacially in JavaScript.

Last year I decided to do my internship in Amsterdam where I worked at Superhero Cheesecake as a Creative Developer intern during 4 months. It was one of the best experience I have had so far in my (young) carrer. I’ve been able to improve my skills thanks to talented and unique people and I am really greatful for that.

From June to December 2019, I’m actively looking for a 6-months internship in NYC. Feel free to reach me if you are interested :-).

How to reach me?

  • Twitter is my favorite social media.
  • I use Github for their green squares.
  • I'd be happy to connect on Linkedin.
  • My email is : (click to copy)
  • Download my resume here.
  • Some nice code available on Codepen & Glitch.
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